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Whenever you think about going on a holiday, a number of cities, landmarks and places come to mind that you want to visit and experience. However, planning the perfect holiday can become a daunting task if you are not used to planning lodgings and taking care of your accommodation and travel plans. This is where Yellowholidays.co.uk comes to the foray!

We have years of experience in providing hassle-free and inexpensive holiday packages that you can benefit from. We also provide a large number of packages that cover destinations all over UK and abroad. Our all-inclusive holiday packages will take care of every aspect of your trip leaving behind a single responsibility which would be to have the best possible time of your life. All of our packages, regardless of the destination, are very competitively priced and are the cheapest you would find anywhere in the market.

So don’t think further even for a second and take the plunge! Think and just decide where you want to spend your Holidays and let us handle the rest! We promise to give you one of the most memorable trips of your life. Allow us to take you to your dream destination and help you create unforgettable memories!


Holidays are when one is officially off all his duties which otherwise are part of his daily working-life. Holidays mainly celebrate a spiritual/religious event, occasion or any kind of cultural custom which might be chosen by the federal government. For some jobs, the employees are required to check in once or twice a day even in their holidays. So the nature of holiday largely depends upon the nature of job and the commitment it requires.

Holidays are the days on which the schools and workplaces are closed or a leave has been granted to the workers. The destination you choose for a holiday depends number of days available for a holiday and the budget. If the days or the amount of money you’re willing to spend on the holiday is limited, it is likely you’ll end up spending your holiday in a close by destination as you’ll be considering the cost of food, transport accommodation and other recreational activities. It is quite important that you book tickets and make reservations in advance for 2 reasons: a) There is a lot of rush in the holiday season and unavailability of tickets is a common mishap tourists face and b) You may just find an amazing discount offer for booking early. However, this varies case to case. Moreover, due to the rush, last minute reservations cost much more than their original price as well.


Believe it or not, you are not alone in the lookout for the cheapest holidays 2014. That is why we have done a tremendous amount of work in consolidaing the 2014 holiday inventory of hundreds of suppliers of very cheap holidays abroad from UK. All you have to do is hit the search button and review all options for these really cheap holidays 2014 and call up the agent that you like the most. You can have a conversation with a knowledgeable advisor on the phone about your very cheap holidays 2014 plans and book fast and quick to get the best rates.

While discussing options for your very cheap holidays abroad, do remember to give the advisor as much information as needed about your 2014 holiday plan so they can understand your requirements well and suggest the cheapest holidays abroads or even cheap holidays in UK that fit well into your criteria. You won't belie exactly how many super cool and cheap holidays are on sale in within the United Kingdom right now!


There are companies that offer complete packages for very cheap holidayS abroad which typically include transportation, lodgings, sightseeing, food etc. all featured in a single attractive price. Alternatively, similar travelling companies have other annual packages for the cheapest holidays which charge a fixed amount annually and the subscribed people get cheap holiday packages (also called "cheap hols") throughout the year at the lowest possible prices. People utilize cheap hols holidays as a tool to take a break from the exhaustion and dullness of their day-to-day jobs and the tensions and strain that are associated with it, and that is why cheap summer holidays 2014 have seen great interest from people all over the UK. Some tourists head out of their own community or city to an area with bunch of visiting choices, places of historical significance and some plan to head to the sea or mountains or wild animals and nature. Some tourists for very cheap holidays abroad who afford to go on an expensive holiday go abroad while others make-do in what they have and look for cheap holidays in UK offered within their vicinity. Groups of people, for example co-workers, friends or families often plan trips together as well. These groups, mostly are like-minded people which is why they make the most out of their holidays 2014 and have a lot of fun. It is quite challenging to adjust and co-operate with individuals who are not like minded since there will certainly not be any sort of synchronization and people will certainly not get along making their cheap 2014 holidays a torture which they’d be waiting desperately to end. People who are passionate travelers, plan their holidays well ahead of time. They do this by researching about the destinations they want to go to for example the weather there, the attractions, the culture, the people, etc. This makes even the planning process for really cheap holidays really exciting for them eventually making the holiday really enjoyable. Get the cheapest holidays 2014 today!